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Chicago Bears fans drink Nashville dry

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Bears fans drank several bars in Nashville dry after Chicago's 51-20 victory over the Tennessee Titans.


It's no secret that Chicago Bears fans travel well. Almost every road city this year has seen an invasion of Bears fans, and this past Sunday in Tennessee was no exception. After the Bears whooped up on the Tennessee Titans, 51-20, the throng of fans made their way to the numerous drinking establishments in Nashville. And those beer-swilling Bears fans drank the city dry.

Several of the establishments had trouble keeping up with the amount of beer that Bears fans were consuming. The Paradise Park Trailer Resort had no bottled beer left by Sunday evening, while the Whiskey Bent Saloon had just two brands left.

Bears fans at the airport on Monday could only chuckle at the damage they left in their stead. But the Nashville bar owners certainly weren't upset. Instead, they thanked all the Chicagoans who made the trip for spending so much money on alcohol.