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Mitt Romney has the vote of Bears QB Jay Cutler

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is apparently ready for change in the Oval Office, as he's planning on voting for Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Jay Cutler may be quarterbacking in one of the biggest "blue" states in the country, but he apparently doesn't share the same political beliefs as Illinois' majority.

After being asked who he was planning on casting his vote for in Tuesday's presidential election on a Chicago radio show, Cutler responded, "Yeah, I have been following the debates and everything. I do live in Tennessee. I'm voting for Mitt (Romney) this election season," according to Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune.

While Chicago is expected to vote heavily in favor of President Barack Obama on Tuesday, Cutler is apparently tying his political allegiances to his actual home in the south. That may frustrate some Bears fans, but it's also not particularly surprising given the quarterback's background and income.

And even if Bears fans can't agree on who Cutler (or they personally) should be voting for, one thing is certain: regardless of who wins the election, this Bears defense deserves a quarterback that can get things done regularly on Sunday. With a 7-1 record this season, Cutler's done the job so far.