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Chicago Bears' Charles Tillman forces four fumbles in victory

The Bears got four forced fumbles out of cornerback Charles Tillman on Sunday against the Titans.


The Chicago Bears dominated the Tennessee Titans in just about every way they possibly could on Sunday. Quarterback Jay Cutler hit Brandon Marshall for three touchdown passes, while special teams saw some big returns and a blocked punt. But the best performance arguably came on defense, from cornerback Charles Tillman.

As noted by the Chicago Tribune, Tillman forced four fumbles in the victory over Tennessee. On the first play from scrimmage, Titans' quarterback Matt Hasselbeck threw a pass to Kenny Britt over the middle. It would have been a 23-yard gain, if Tillman hadn't punched the ball out for his first forced fumble of the game. He then went on to knock out two other fumbles in the first half:

"I guess I have gotten good over the years at punching, and if I don't get the punch or the forced fumble, the majority of the time I get the tackle. It can misfire at times, but I would probably say 90, 95 percent of the time if I miss, or if I don't get the forced fumble, I am pretty confident that I can get the tackle."

Tillman did plenty to come out and brag all he wants, but he elected not to this time around. He has seven forced fumbles on the season now, which is a career high, with half a season still to go.