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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler talks about Brandon Marshall's big day

Cutler and Marshall were able to connect on big plays thanks to one-on-one coverage by the Titans.


Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and wide receiver Brandon Marshall connected on Sunday nine times for 122 yards and three touchdowns, in large part due to the coverage scheme of the Tennessee Titans.

Cutler said after the game:

"It was just one-on-one because they were loading the box, and our philosophy is if we get Brandon Marshall one-on-one we're going to go at him until they stop it."

On the first touchdown, Cutler said that Marshall adjusted his route and made a great play in the air on the ball. Marshall scored the second touchdown on a go route against press coverage, and the third touchdown when he found a soft spot in the Titans' zone. It was his biggest day since joining the Bears.

Marshall is now second in the NFL in receiving with 797 yards. He's fourth in catches with 59 and tied for third in touchdowns with seven. Cutler's 1,774 yards is only 23rd in the NFL but his 85.3 rating ranks inside the top 20.

Next Sunday night, the Bears will host the Houston Texans. Thanks to its ferocious pass rush and lockdown corner Johnathan Joseph, the Texans are fourth in the NFL in pass defense, having given up only 203.8 yards per game. They've allowed 13 pass touchdowns but have nine interceptions.