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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler showed his softer side at Vanderbilt

Former Vanderbilt teammate discusses Jay Cutler's off-field softer side.

Jonathan Daniel

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has occasionally been accused of having a bad attitude during his NFL career with the Bears and in Denver. But in a story by Vaughn McClure in the Chicago Tribune, Cutler's former teammate at Vanderbilt, Trey Holloway, paints a different picture of Cutler's personality.

Holloway lost his brother to Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2011, and he said that Cutler, despite having lost touch as their lives went in different directions, reached out to Holloway's family after his brother's death.

"Jay sent flowers to my mom's house in Oklahoma,'' Holloway told the Tribune. "It was good to know that even though we hadn't talked on the phone for a while, he was thinking about me and my family at that point in our lives. To know that he still thought about you makes you feel a lot better about things.''

Holloway also told the Tribune about Cutler's role in helping his Vanderbilt teammates cope with the death of teammate Kwane Doster, who was murdered in 2004.