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Chicago Bears wideout Earl Bennett isn't worried about targets

Chicago Bears receiver Earl Bennett hasn't seen Jay Cutler look his way as often now that Brandon Marshall is in the fold, but Bennett says he doesn't care as long as the Bears win.


When it comes to the Chicago Bears' passing offense, Jay Cutler is looking Brandon Marshall's way far more often than anyone else on the team. Earl Bennett used to be one of Chicago's leading receivers, but this season he and the other wideouts have played third fiddle to Marshall. That's right, Marshall accounts for the first two fiddles in 2012.

ESPN Stats & Information has noted that there is an 82-target gap between Marshall (121 targets) and Bennett (39),which is the largest divide in the league between the top-two receivers on a team. The stat is a bit misleading, because Earl Bennett, Devin Hester and Alshon Jeffery have all missed time to due injury – which artificially increases the gap between a healthy Marshall – but Jay Cutler is undoubtedly looking Marshall's way more often than he is elsewhere on the field.

It's a good thing for the Bears, because it means they finally have a top-flight wide receiver worthy of seeing more passes thrown his way, and Bennett isn't concerned about the disparity, via ESPN Chicago:

"I'm a team player. As long as we win I'm going to be alright. We've been winning and Brandon has been making plays so I'm just staying patient. When my number is called, that's when I make plays.

"[Marshall]'s one of those guys that can change the game. He's a phenomenal player, and it's just been a blessing to play with him and learn a lot of things from him. As long as we keep winning, we'll be fine."

Bennett has recorded 146 receptions for 1,897 yards and six touchdowns over his five-year career with the Bears. Just this season, Marshall has produced 81 catches for 1,017 yards and eight touchdowns through 12 weeks of play.