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Chicago Bears offensive line looks to keep improving

A battered Chicago Bears offensive line needs to keep getting better, even as injuries continue to pile up.

Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Bears have weathered numerous issues on the offensive line over the past few years in their struggle to be a competitive team. That should continue to be the case this year, John Mullin of CSN Chicago writes. While injuries and demotions continue to affect a volatile offensive line, Mullin is confident it can continue to succeed.

"Chaos is often the friend of the prepared," Mullin writes. "And the Bears have managed chaos extremely well recently, particularly on the offensive line, when forced on them by injury or incompetence."

Chicago's offensive line played admirably in last Sunday's 28-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings in spite of an injury to starter Lance Louis, which forced Gabe Carimi back into action just days after he was demoted out of his starting position by head coach Lovie Smith.

That will need to continue for the rest of the season, as Louis was recently placed on the injured reserve with the knee injury he suffered during that game.