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Bears feel sense of urgency

The Chicago Bears are getting a sense of urgency following some tough losses to good teams this season.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Chicago Bears sport an 8-3 record and are coming off a dominating 28-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings (6-5) on Sunday. The win came immediately after a bad loss to the San Francisco 49ers, though the loss is still hanging around the locker room, according to CSN Chicago. The Bears are using that loss to gain a sense of urgency with five games remaining.

Defensive end Corey Wootton suggested that the 49ers game was perhaps a wakeup call, which is what people need when they're asleep, and which the Bears were. That is how a supposedly good offense drops to 30th in yardage and with an offensive touchdown total (20) that ranked with the likes of Oakland, Philadelphia, St. Louis - all losers.

It's true that the games get more urgent as the playoffs get closer. Of course, the division and wild-card races are still ongoing, but the Bears' urgency is due to their losses thus far. They've lost to the Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans and the aforementioned 49ers.

Those are all teams they could meet in the playoffs. Sure, they can best the Vikings easily, but they could face the 49ers or Packers in the opening rounds of the playoffs, or even the Texans in the Super Bowl, and if they don't improve, they won't advance.