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Vikings vs. Bears score update: Chicago leads, 28-10, after three quarters

The Chicago Bears lead the Minnesota Vikings, 28-10, through three quarters on Sunday afternoon. Minnesota trimmed the lead to two scores at one point and nearly cut it to single digits with a defensive touchdown, but the score was ultimately overturned by video review.

Early in the third quarter, the Bears ran into some bad luck when a Jay Cutler pass got popped up in the air, allowing Antoine Winfield to intercept it and give the Vikings a short field to work with. Minnesota capitalized with a touchdown to trim the lead to 25-10 with over 10 minutes remaining in the quarter.

Things nearly got thrown into chaos midway through the quarter when Matt Forte appeared to fumble the ball, which was picked up by the Vikings and returned for a touchdown as the referees opted not to blow their whistles.

An initial review from the replay booth of Forte's fumble confirmed the call on the field, a touchdown for Minnesota, but it was subsequently changed after video revealed that Forte was clearly down before losing possession. That proved to be a 10-point swing in the score, as the Bears would proceed to go and score a field goal to expand their lead to 28-10.