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Chicago Bears fan who loaned D.J. Moore a TV in Bourbonnais wants you to know it's been returned

The Bears fan who lent D.J. Moore a TV in training camp hit me up on Twitter after a bad joke. He wants you to know his TV has been returned.


Yeah, you read that headline correctly. There's a lot to get to here, so let's just roll with the facts.

  1. Cornerback D.J. Moore might be the most endearingly eccentric member of the Chicago Bears. He is widely considered the best quote on the team. He also spends a discernible amount of his own free time retweeting the type of crazies who get at athletes and/or celebrities on Twitter with pleas for an RT. Moore often obliges, because he is the nickleback of the people.
  2. Moore started training camp in lovely Bourbonnais, Illinois this July on a mission: he wanted to find a TV "so I don't drive myself crazy looking at the walls." Fair enough. Moore tweeted out the request, but wouldn't get what he was looking for until a random encounter with a fan on the streets of Bourbonnais. Moore was signing autographs and asked the crowd if anyone had a TV he could borrow. One guy agreed, and all he wanted was a pair of Moore's cleats.
  3. Moore, who will be a free agent at the end of the year, began this season where he ended the last one: as the Bears' go-to nickleback. It's an important position in Lovie Smith's Cover-2, and Moore seemingly got off to a nice enough start. He had an interception in the Bears' Monday night rout of the Cowboys in Week 4 and another one two games later against the Lions, also a Monday night affair. But since then, Moore has apparently fallen out of favor with the coaching staff.
  4. Moore did not play during the Bears' loss to the Houston Texans and was inactive against 49ers on Monday. When the news that Moore wouldn't play hit on Monday, I tweeted:

This was a joke, maybe a bad one, but isn't that what Twitter is for? Twitter is for the jokes that would get you booed off stage. And yes, I saw someone tweet that a few weeks ago.

Like almost everything on Twitter, this was sent out to the world with little thought. I didn't even contemplate that it would have possible repercussions. Ohhh, but there were repercussions.

After the thorough ass-kicking at the hands of the 49ers finally ended, I powered down and tried to forget what I had just witnessed. But before going to bed, I checked Twitter one last time. I found this:


Ha! So there: Moore did give back the TV, and this dude has the autograph to prove it. I have no doubt this man is a huge Bears fan, because his handle is @Bearfan4ever001 but also because his Twitter avatar is a picture of him and Chris Williams.

Chris Williams!

[Ed. note: Mr. Delgado has chimed in to say it's actually Lance Briggs in his picture. My bad.]

And now u know I'm a liar. Or just bad at making jokes.

Ricky O'Donnell is the editor of SB Nation Chicago. Follow him on Twitter or reach him at