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Bears vs. 49ers 2012: Chicago fans are angry, embarrassed, and horrified

Chicago Bears took a 32-7 shellacking from the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night. Bears fans aren't exactly thrilled about it.

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The Chicago Bears suffered a terrible loss on Monday, and the devastation likely permeates the Chicago fan's psyche on myriad levels. Windy City Gridiron blogger Steven Schweickert tells us that his suffering can be best categorized as anger, embarrassment, and horror.

Schweickert is typically levelheaded, but Chicago's loss on Monday has driven this reasonable fan to anger. Why is Schweickert angry?

Does it sound like I'm mad, Bears? Damn straight ... And it's not just because you lost. I can understand that losses happen. What I can't wrap my head around is how quickly, how badly it all went down. When you're 7-2, leading the toughest division in the NFL much less the NFC, you aren't supposed to get your asses handed to you as badly as you did if you have any serious hopes of being the Super Bowl Champions. No one asks how you got there, this is true, it's that you got there. But can you feel confident at all that you'll get there? Jason Campbell and the Bears' offense didn't get to the red zone until the third quarter and even then it took a sack, forced fumble, and penalty on San Francisco for a shove in the back to bail your ineffective offense out, not to mention Campbell having his own "Tell Tice I Said F*** You" moment and moving around plenty more, instead of taking any more punishment from the offensive line.

Schweickert and Bears fans are embarrassed because of the score, 32-7, but also because of the stage. This was Monday Night Football, against one of the NFL's top teams. Not to mention, the 49ers were starting a backup quarterback.

Perhaps Schweickert's strongest emotion, though, is sheer horror. The outcome of the game, and what it means for the future of the Bears, leaves Chicago fans in an scary position.

You got outplayed. You got outcoached. And it was horrifying. Midway through I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and cry and pretend it was all a bad dream. I saw defensive linemen and linebackers swallowed up in a misdirection power scheme that let running lanes flow open like floodgates. I saw offensive linemen devoured by Aldon Smith and Justin Smith repeatedly. I saw Campbell take hit after hit after hit, hold onto the ball, remain immobile until he got rocked and said that he wouldn't take any more standing up. I saw him overthrow receiver after receiver, when he did choose to unload the ball. I saw running backs stopped in the backfield as often as they eked out four yard gains. I saw Devin Hester take a punt and do nothing but turn backwards for ten yards, unable to move forward. For that matter, Devin Hester returned three punts for -1 yard. Three punts for negative one yard. This must be that helpless feeling you get when you get stuck with Semtex or a Plasma Grenade in Call of Duty or Halo, respectively. Or maybe it's the feeling Ken Amada had when Shinji got shot in Persona 3. Helpless. Powerless.

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