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Bears TE Kellen Davis learns to deal with boos

The Bears tight end has just 11 receptions for 150 yards after being targeted 26 times in the first nine games.

Jonathan Daniel

In the fourth quarter of a 13-6 loss to the Houston Texans, Bears tight end Kellen Davis attempted to make a difficult catch in the middle of the field, but came away empty-handed and was injured when he hit the ground. Making the situation even worse for the fifth-year tight end, the Bears fans boo-ed him off the field following the play.

It was one of many plays that has drawn the ire of Bears fans, although Davis told Jeff Dickerson of that it's just something he has to deal with:

"It feels great man, you know. It feels awesome," Davis said sarcastically. "Tough ball, hit the ground, get hurt and (have) everybody boo you. It's definitely not fun, and it's not easy. But it's part of this game, and it's something we just have to deal with.

Despite his team's 7-2 record, the 2012 season has been a tough one for Davis so far. Through nine games he has just 11 receptions for 150 yards and two touchdowns, although one of his 11 receptions ended with a fumble. Those numbers are especially bad considering he has been the targeted receiver on 26 plays.

The passing game for the Bears has gone almost exclusively through Brandon Marshall, who has 67 receptions for 904 yards with seven touchdowns.