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Plenty of differences between Jay Cutler, Jason Campbell

There are plenty of differences between Jay Cutler and backup Jason Campbell, though there are also plenty of similarities.

Jonathan Daniel

On Monday, the Chicago Bears will take on the San Francisco 49ers, in a game that could end up featuring two backup quarterbacks. Both Alex Smith and Jay Cutler suffered concussions in Week 10 and it will be unlikely either plays, so Colin Kaepernick and Jason Campbell could be their respective replacements. How much of a difference will either team have to deal with?

For the Bears, Campbell and Cutler aren't hugely different quarterbacks, but as John Mullin of CSN Chicago notes, there are plenty of smaller differences in how the quarterbacks play. Using quotes from players and his own observations, he notes that Campbell is more of a "timing-based" quarterback who tries to put his receiver in a good position to catch the ball. Cutler, on the other hand, has the big arm, and can hit his receiver anywhere on the field.

They also note that Campbell might be a little early on his throws, but the team has spent all season with him in practice and they're comfortable with the differences. The piece notes their similarities in accuracy, though Cutler has a higher average yards per completion.

Still, if it's a battle for which backup is more different from the starter, Kaepernick is most definitely more different than Smith than Campbell is from Cutler. Kaepernick is an entirely different quarterback than Smith, and is suited for an entirely different offense. It will definitely be an interesting game if either backup gets the starting nod.