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Jay Cutler injury: Kurt Warner says Bears QB shouldn't be afraid to sit

Jay Cutler suffered a concussion Sunday night, and his status for Week 11 remains uncertain.

Jonathan Daniel

Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner has some advice for Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler: be cautious. Cutler suffered a concussion Sunday night against the Houston Texans and did not return to the game. It is uncertain whether Cutler will play on Monday against the 49ers. Warner told "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000:

"It's not worth it long-term, and especially Jay right now. (The 7-2 Bears) are in a great situation as a team that they need him healthy. The big deal is for him to be able to play down the stretch and not have any concerns about his head or any issues that are prolonged."

Cutler is currently undergoing tests for cognitive function, which will determine whether he is able to play. Still, Warner says that those tests don't always compare to how you are feeling. Warner dealt with several concussions during his career, including one during his final season. Although Warner was medically cleared to play following the injury, he said that he still didn't feel right, and opted to sit.

So far this season, Cutler has been sacked 28 times. That's second-most in the NFL, behind only Aaron Rodgers (29). The Bears will provide more information on Cutler's status later in the week.