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Brian Urlacher upset at reaction to handshake

Bears' linebacker shook Danieal Manning's hand after the Texans safety intercepted Jay Cutler Sunday, says he "could give a crap about what people think on the street."


Brian Urlacher gave former teammate Danieal Manning a handshake in the first quarter of Sunday night's Bears-Texans game, after Manning picked off Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler deep in Texans' territory. Manning played with Urlacher on the Bears from 2006-10.

Fans were not so happy about the show of comradery between the two players. Urlacher, asked about the gesture on ESPN 1000's Waddle and Silvy Show Monday, made it very clear he doesn't care what the fans think:

"It's just dumb that people think that. 'Why did you help that guy up after you tackled him?' Because I wanted to. What's the big deal? 'Butkus would have never done that.' Well, I'm not Dick Butkus. I'm Brian Urlacher, and sometimes I help people up. Sorry if that (ticks) you off."

Urlacher said that "I don't give a crap about what fans or people say, they can kiss my butt" and that "Danieal Manning is a friend of mine." Urlacher also said that "when the ball is snapped I want to tackle the other guy, the other team is my enemy," but that when plays are over "it's not like I have to go out there and be a jerk to him because it's during the game and I'm a tough guy."