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Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler know offense is still work in progress

Quarterback Jay Cutler knows the Chicago Bears offense needs to improve, particularly early in games.

John Gress

The Chicago Bears have struggled early in games on offense and quarterback Jay Cutler knows it. Cutler said that he and the rest of the Bears are going to continue to try to improve every day.

The Bears have only scored 30 points in the first quarter this season, as compared to 81 points in the fourth quarter of games. In the fourth quarter Cutler has an NFL-best passer rating of 132.0, but in the first quarter his rating is only 29.5. Part of the reason for the high rating in the fourth could be that teams aren't expecting the Bears to pass much, as they are often holding a lead.

In addition to first quarter struggles, the Bears are also struggling on first downs, Cutler said the Bears "see more second-and-10's than anybody else in the league." Coming into their game against the Panthers on Oct. 25, Chicago averaged a league-low 4.1 yards on first down plays.

The Bears passing offense ranks 30th in the league with 195.6 yards per game. Cutler knows they'll have to improve if they hope to beat the top teams in the league. The Bears take on the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.