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Matt Hasselbeck knows all about Bears defense

The Tennessee Titans will against start Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback this Sunday, but his experience against the Chicago defense may just help the team spring an upset.

Scott Cunningham

Tennessee Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has been in the NFL for 14 seasons, and experience like that is an advantage. Hasselbeck has used that experience to best the Chicago Bears defense the past two times he's played against them, and has thrown six touchdown passes and zero interceptions in those games. His time in Seattle with the Seahawks playing against Lovie Smith's St. Louis Rams defense has helped him understand the Bears defensive scheme, according to ESPN Chicago's Jeff Dickerson:

"Then when I went to Seattle, St. Louis was a really, really good team. People talk about their offense, but their defense was very, very good with guys like Grant Wistrom, Leonard Little, Aeneas Williams and I believe Lovie (Smith) was there. Then in Chicago since I've played them, whether it be in the regular season or the postseason, they've got All-Pro players. Guys that are perennial Pro-Bowlers, guys that are great at their position. It's a defense that you know because you not only watch it on television as a fan, but you also study them and you sort of raise your game during preparations in a sense just to try to be successful."

Hasselbeck has started the past four games for the Titans with Jake Locker out with an injury, and has helped to steady a very young team with his veteran leadership, and Tennessee have gone 2-2 with him starting. When those Titans host the Bears on Sunday in Nashville, they'll be hoping Hasselbeck's experience against Smith's defensive scheme will help negate Chicago's advantage. The Bears are 3.5 point favorites on the road, according to