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Plaxico Burress wants a call from Chicago Bears

Plaxico Burress says it would "be an honor" to join the Bears.

Al Bello - Getty Images

Veteran NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress is looking for a job in 2012, and he's hoping that the Chicago Bears give him a call. Bears rookie receiver Alshon Jeffery broke his right hand while making a touchdown catch on Sunday and will be out for at least a couple games. Burress thinks he's a good addition for the Chicago offense in the meantime:

"... I trained this whole offseason with Forte in South Florida. You see a guy like him doing the things he's able to do, watch the guy's work ethic, and it's incredible. And Brandon is one of the top five receivers in football. You talk about adding me to that offense, and teams won't know who to guard in the red zone. It's about creating match-up problems."

Burress caught 45 passes last year for 612 yards and eight scores on the Jets in 2011. That season came after two years out of football due to legal complications stemming from a nightclub incident. Whether Bears GM Phil Emery is interested in adding a name receiver with baggage in Jeffery's absence, there's no question that lining up the 6'5" Burress alongside Brandon Marshall would present Chicago opponents with matchup problems - if the 35-year-old Burress still has some quality snaps left in his legs.