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Bears vs. Jaguars: Mike Tice warns about complacency after success

The Chicago Bears put up a strong showing on offense on Monday, but offensive coordinator Mike Tice warns about the team getting complacent with their success.

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Just when the Chicago Bears had a good thing going following a 41-point performance against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1, they may have gotten complacent. They struggled on the offensive side of the ball in Weeks 2 and 3. On Monday night, the Bears put up 17 second-half points to eclipse the mistake-prone Dallas Cowboys en route to a 34-18 win to improve to 3-1 on the season.

Offensive coordinator Mike Tice is worried about the team repeating their mistakes, and Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago had a quote from him reflecting as much:

"I think it's very important to learn from the last time we had a solid game on offense, and myself included, probably got a little ahead of ourselves and probably got a little full of ourselves."

Tice went on to say that the Bears absolutely need to stay focused heading into the team's Week 5 matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He says that the team should always be striving to get better, and that focusing on what they did wrong and how they can improve upon that is much preferred to smiling and congratulating themselves on what they did right. Chicago faces a possible trap game with the 1-3 Jaguars on Sunday.