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Panthers vs. Bears 2012: Chicago wins 'odd' game

The Chicago Bears beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in what fans called an "odd" game.

John Gress

The Chicago Bears pulled out a thrilling comeback win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, showing once again that they are at their best in the fourth quarter. Still, this one looked well out of reach at one point, and most fans had given up by the time the Bears got around to scoring en route to their last-second, game-winning field goal.

Windy City Gridiron had a lot to say about the game, and started off by simply saying that the game was ... odd.

The best way that I can sum up yesterday's game in one word is... Odd. There were plenty of odd things that happened yesterday that had me thinking more than once that, well, this just wasn't going to be the Bears' game.

It was an odd game, to be sure. The first instance they reference is when Cam Newton ran the ball hoping for a touchdown on a third-and-3 at the Bears' 9-yard line. Major Wright forced a fumble on the play as the Bears did everything they could have done to stop the play, but the Panthers still were able to fall on the ball in the end zone, scoring the touchdown.

WCG has many, many points to make, so be sure to check out the whole post and see what the writers have to say about the game. Among the other things covered is the play of the offensive line and the lacking play of Matt Forte.