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Earl Bennett fined for orange shoes

Repeat NFL fashion offender Earl Bennett will again open his wallet to pay for his sense of style when it comes to donning the blue and orange of the Chicago Bears.

Nick Laham

The NFL fashion police has struck again. The target: Chicago Bears wide receiver and repeat offender Earl Bennett. The bright-shoed receiver has been fined $10,500 for donning all-orange cleats in Monday's 13-7 win over the Detroit Lions.

Bennett, the fifth-year receiver out of Vanderbilt, was fined twice in the 2011 season for the same offense: a $5,000 fine the first time, and a $10,000 penalty a week later when he wore the cleats again. At the time, he was told if he offended for a third straight week, he faced possible ejection.

This time, Bennett had the orange shoes with him in his bag, but says he would not have worn them until fellow receiver Brandon Marshall convinced him to put them on. Marshall also wore all-orange cleats, but no fine has come his way yet.

The statement didn't seem to help Bennett's game, as the 6'0" receiver caught only three passes for 27 yards in Monday's game. In six games this season, Bennett has caught just nine passes for 109 yards and no touchdowns. For his career, he has hauled in 133 passes for 1,768 yards and six touchdowns.

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