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Bears offensive line ranks seventh best in run blocking, according to one metric

The Chicago Bears have a "nasty" offensive line, and its led to them having the No. 7 run blocking unit in the NFL, at least according to one site.


The Chicago Bears don't boast the strongest offensive line in the NFL, but it's much-improved in comparison to last season. As noted by John Mullin on CSN Chicago, the Bears have moved from "laughingstock" to No. 22 overall in regards to their overall offensive line play. They're ranked No. 25 in pass blocking and all the way up at No. 7 in run blocking.

Mullin goes on to note that the Bears are turning into nasty run blockers, which is generally a good thing, but he notes that they might be a little "too nasty" at times. Gabe Carimi is one such player, given that he's been called on a few penalties in between his big, mauling plays.

They're one of the most-penalized units in the league. Carimi is just one of the aspects of the line that has that "nastiness" factor. Either way, they're an effective unit at this point, and while they're true and tune down the penalty-drawing nasty, the Bears have to be happy with the overall attitude the line boasts. They just want them to be able to improve that pass block ranking.