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Jay Cutler injury: Bears QB talks about bruised ribs

Jay Cutler and the Bears defeated the Detroit Lions, 13-7, on Monday night.

Jonathan Daniel

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler took a lot of hits on Monday. In six games this season, Cutler has taken 19 sacks, including five on Monday night against the Detroit Lions. The hardest sack came in the second quarter, and sent Cutler to the locker room with bruised ribs.

Ndamukong Suh doesn't mess around:


After the play, Suh did check on Cutler to make sure he was ok. Cutler left for the remainder of the second quarter, but came back and played the second half. After the game, Cutler told the media:

"It was on the right side, so trying to get my right side through was a little bit tough. I missed some throws. Wasn't feeling exactly 100 percent. We had to fight through it. The way our defense was playing we just kind of had to drag out the game."

After his return, Cutler and the Bears struggled to generate much offense. Chicago scored just three points in the second half, but that proved to be enough as their defense held Matthew Stafford and the Lions to just seven points all game.

The Bears (5-1) are in first place in the NFC North. The Lions fell to 2-4, and are the only team in the NFC North that is below .500.