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Jay Cutler injury: Bears QB starts second half, leads Chicago to field goal

Jay Cutler returned in the second half after having his ribs examined during the break.

David Banks

After missing the final Bears offensive possession in the first half, quarterback Jay Cutler returned in the third quarter to lead Chicago to a 21-yard field goal and extend its lead to 13-0.

The Bears went three-and-out in their first possession of the third quarter, but the Lions' Stefan Logan muffed the ensuing punt and the Bears recovered to continue their drive and set up a field goal.

Cutler left the field after being brought down violently by Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. He was taken to the locker room before the end of the half and backup Jason Campbell played the final possession of the second quarter.

Cutler is 11-of-23 for 84 yards and a touchdown pass for the game. Brandon Marshall has five receptions for 65 yards and the game's lone touchdown reception, which came on the Bears' first drive of the game. Matt Forte has 14 carries for 71 yards in the game.