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Tony Romo dishes on struggles vs. Chicago Bears

Tony Romo said Monday night he "tried to do too much" in a 34-13 loss to the Bears.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo threw five interceptions in Monday night's 34-13 loss to Chicago. Romo told reporters Monday night after the game that in coming games, "I'm just going to have to do my job," via ESPN Dallas:

"You have to get over it. It’s going to suck for a few days now. Obviously it’s going to sit there in your stomach and just eat at you. ... In different situations out there, I just tried to do too much and help out different areas. That’s going to catch up to you in the National Football League. I’m going to have to re-assess a couple of things that are happening and make sure they don’t happen again."

Other than the five picks, Romo's line from Monday night isn't terrible, even rather efficient. He went 31 of 43 for 307 yards and a touchdown, and was sacked once. Yet five interceptions, including two pick-sixes, is the sort of performance that will eat away at any quarterback for a few days.