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NFL power rankings, Week 5: Bears nearing top 5 following primetime win

The Chicago Bears are nearing the top five in most of the weekly power rankings following their primetime win over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night,

Tasos Katopodis - Getty Images

The Chicago Bears remain one of the hardest teams in the NFL to gauge. They have one of the most mistake-prone offenses out there, but frequently set their offenses up with great field position thanks to a defense that is big on turnovers. On Monday Night Football, the Bears went out there and dominated the Dallas Cowboys despite making the aforementioned mistakes on offense.

As such, they're rising in the Week 5 power rankings pretty heavily. SB Nation's Joel Thorman gets us started, and he's got them all the way up in the No. 5 spot:

5. Chicago Bears (LW: 8, 3-1): I thought I might've had them too high last week, but their 16-point victory over Dallas makes me look smart.

That's about the highest you'll find the Bears on any rankings though, so Thorman might just have them a bit too high. At least, that's the consensus. ESPN has them just inside the top ten at No. 9, up two spots from where they were last week. CBS Sports had the Bears at No. 9 as well, which is actually down two spots from last week, though they only had good things to say about them, which is odd.

Brian Billick of FOX Sports had them the second-highest of the major rankings, with Chicago coming in at No. 7, up two spots from last week. He cites that great, turnover-forcing defense as the major reasons why they could be on their way to top top five in future power rankings.