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Former Chicago Bears tackle Chris Williams to visit Eagles

Former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Chris Williams will visit with the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday, just one day after being released by the Bears.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Former Chicago Bears tackle Chris Williams is set to visit with the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Williams was released by the Bears on Tuesday. Chicago drafted Williams with the No. 14 overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, but the Bears decided to cut ties with Williams.

While Williams has been deemed ineffective by the Bears, the Eagles have been searching for an answer on the offensive line.

Williams told the Chicago Tribune that he's excited about the opportunity to play elsewhere.

"Now, I will get an opportunity to go play somewhere, and I'm excited about that," Williams told the Tribune on Tuesday. "The Bears are a good team, they will do well and I will miss the guys. It sucks being released and that type of thing. But sitting on the bench here for the whole year wasn't going to help me in free agency. Now, I'll get a chance somewhere else."

If Williams latches on with the Eagles, he'll face instant pressure, as he'll be tasked with protecting Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Vick has thrown eight interceptions this season, and has three fumbles as well.

While at Vanderbilt, Williams was First-team All-SEC in 2007 and Second-team All-SEC in 2006. Unfortunately for the Bears and Williams, Williams' collegiate success did not translate to the NFL.

Chicago will move forward without Williams in Week 7, when they play host to the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football.