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Mike Ditka advised Brandon Marshall after Bears trade

Bears legend Mike Ditka has been advising receiver Brandon Marshall since the mercurial player was traded to Chicago this past offseason.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

Brandon Marshall was traded to the Bears this past offseason, making Chicago his third team in seven years. For a player as talented as Marshall, that is a rarity. The off-field problems that plagued Marshall in Denver and Miami appear to be in his past, in some part due to his new relationship with legendary Bears coach Mike Ditka.

Marshall, who was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder last year, has leaned on Ditka to help him acclimate to playing in Chicago and also help teach him how to carry himself like a professional.

"He sounds like he gets it," Ditka told "Waddle & Silvy" in June. "I told him there's no better city to play football in than Chicago, and if he does his job the city will embrace him. And it will."

The Bears have started the year 4-1, and Marshall is a big reason why. He's leading the team with 496 receiving yards and three touchdowns through five games and has brought the Bears the big play receiver they've lacked for a long time. The Bears host the Detroit Lions on Monday night and have a chance to solidify their claim on first place in the NFC North.