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Bears continue to reach out to family of murdered fan

The Chicago Bears are continuing to help the family of murdered fan Chris Pettry.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

Chicago Bears fan Chris Pettry was murdered Oct. 7 in Jacksonville, where he was in town to watch the Bears take on the Jaguars. Since that point, the franchise has worked to help the grieving family. Led by tight end Kellen Davis, the team held a fundraiser at a local restaurant last week, and wide receiver Brandon Marshall has also privately offered his support to Pettry's widow, Karen.

The franchise has also continued to reach out to Pettry's family, according to team chairman George McCaskey, though the team requested that the nature of those communications stay private. Pettry was killed at a Jacksonville bar early Sunday morning before Chicago's win when his throat was slashed by another patron. The alleged attacker, Matthew Hinson, reportedly became enraged after seeing Pettry and a friend talking to his wife.

The Bears have been off since that win over the Jaguars but will return to the field on Monday night when they host the Detroit Lions.