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Fantasy football advice: Matt Forte, Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett could see post-Bye upticks

Fantasy football owners are probably frustrated with Chicago Bears skill position players like Matt Forte, Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett, but things should get better after the Bye week.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Any fantasy football owner who has Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall is ecstatic at this point in the season, but the owners of the rights to Matt Forte, Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett are probably a bit more frustrated. Forte has struggled with ankle issues, and through the first five weeks of the season he has carried the ball the same number of times a backup running back Michael Bush. Even worse, Bush had played the role of touchdown vulture at the goal line. Cutler has been up-and-down and altogether unpredictable, while Bennett (hand) can't get on the field.

Now here's the good news. When the Bears return from a bye in Week 6, they should have Forte and Bennett at full strength. With Alshon Jeffery (hand) injured, Bennett will be next in line to fill the void as the underneath receiver that can take advantage of coverage rolled towards Marshall. An even better sign is that the Bears get to play the Lions, Panthers and Titans over their next three games.

Entering Week 6, the Lions have allowed opposing quarterbacks to post a 101.3 QB Rating, while the Panthers give up a 92.2 rating and the Titans cede a gaudy 107.9 mark to opposing quarterbacks. Cutler should thrive against those defenses, especially considering that the best of the three units, the Detroit Lions' defense, is No. 31 in interceptions. If things open up in the passing game, Forte should have plenty of room to run and more opportunities in the screen game.

If you are worried about Forte, Cutler and Bennett, it's probably a good idea to give it a few more weeks before you execute a panic trade you may regret later.