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Bears' Kellen Davis helping raise money for slain fan's family

Chicago Bears tight end Kellen Davis has spent the bye week raising money and setting up a donation page for the family of William "Christopher" Pettry, the Bears fan slain on Sunday in Jacksonville.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Chicago Bears players have stepped up to show support and offer assistance to the family of William "Christopher" Pettry, the Bears fan slain on Sunday in Jacksonville, and tight end Kellen Davis has taken the lead with his own efforts.

During the team's Bye week, Davis and his agent are hosting a fundraiser in Wrigleyville where Chicago Bears memorabilia will be auctioned off to raise money for Pettry's wife. Davis has also set up a donation website where others can easily get involved and offer direct assistance in the wake of this tragedy.

Davis is just trying to help in any way that he can, as he recently told Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago:

"My heart goes out to the Pettry family that lost their loved one over a senseless act," Davis said. "I wanted to show my support when I heard about this, so I started a donation page and am participating in a fundraiser that my team helped put together."

Pettry's wife has been overwhelmed by the support the Bears organization has shown to her. Her husband was murdered at a bar in Jacksonville, Fla., just hours before the Bears played the Jaguars in Week 5.