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Chicago Bears news: Mike Tice thinks Gabe Carimi can be better

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice expects more discipline out of his young right tackle.

Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

In Sunday's win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears right tackle Gabe Carimi committed a holding penalty, two false starts and allowed Chicago's only sack. Carimi will undoubtedly see brighter days, but offensive coordinator Mike Tice told reporters on Tuesday that he is expecting more discipline from his young right tackle.

"The glaring plays, the real critical ones that he had are going to stand out," Tice said. "But when you look at his overall body of work, he was extremely physical (against the Jaguars) and did a lot of great things in that football game. He had the (holding) penalty, two offsides and a sack. You can't have those things, but he's a smart player."

(via ESPN Chicago)

The Bears offensive line has held up better since being ravaged by the Green Bay Packers earlier in the season, but Carimi has struggled in 2012. Through five games, he's been flagged six times while giving up two sacks, three quarterback hits and 13 pressures.

Tice emphasized that Carimi is a hard worker, and said that he can handle the tackle occasionally giving up a sack or being called for holding. But Tice said that he absolutely cannot tolerate false start penalties, which is an area that Carimi will have to watch.