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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler blows off Mike Tice on sideline (.GIF)

We all know by now that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has a bit of a temper. Cutler has taken plenty of heat in the past for poor body language, yelling at teammates and tiffs with coaches. Well, that infamous Cutler temper flared up again on Monday night against the Dallas Cowboys when offensive coordinator Mike Tice went to discuss some things in the second quarter:

O'Donnell: Bears 34, Cowboys 18: A Critical Reassessment


This is pretty much classic Cutler, although it's not quite as hilarious as when he screamed a certain four-letter expletive at former offensive coordinator Mike Martz last season. I'm sure this will be used as more ammo for the Cutler bashers, but it's probably not much of an issue. Guys get frustrated sometimes on the sideline. It just so happens that Cutler seems to have a rather jerky way of expressing his frustrations. He may be a bit of a jerk, but he's the Bears' jerk.