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New Offensive Coordinator Mike Tice Excited About Expanded Role With Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears promoted from within on Friday and gave the team's vacant offensive coordinator position to Mike Tice, who had been in charge of the Bears offensive line.

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In a radio interview on Friday afternoon, Tice said he's looking forward to the additional challenge of calling plays:

"I don’t really think it’s any harder than managing a football team as a head coach or being on the headphones with a coordinator during the course of a game and giving him answers to questions that he has such as, ‘What do you want to run right here? What protection do you like?’ Now you’re just doing it with more frequency. It’s all about the preparation during the week; getting your call sheet together, making sure you have a play for each situation that could come up in the football game, and I’m really excited about it."

Tice has never been an offensive coordinator in the NFL, though it has been speculated that Tice's promotion could lead to a more run-heavy attack in 2012. Tice will also work with a passing game coach.

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