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NFL Week 4 Power Poll

Power Poll continues to change each week.

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Ok we are three weeks into the NFL season and there continues to be a lot of movement on the weekly power poll. There is so much parity in the league once again that it's hard to find a team that is absolutely dominant, or one that is just downright terrible. Once again the number in parenthesis is last weeks ranking. Enjoy.


1) Green Bay Packers (5)

Packers still have yet to play that flawless game they are capable of, but they are so talented and seem to be the team to beat once again.

2) Buffalo Bills (4)

What a fun team to watch. This is a little different than the Bills of the past ten years that sometimes had a decent defense but always had trouble scoring.  Two great comeback wins in a row. It's only three games, but confidence is a dangerous beast and this team has it.

3) Detroit Lions (2)

A power poll with Detroit and Buffalo in the top 3 would make you assume it's an NHL version. The Lions are a good team and even though they had a really bad first half in Minnesota last week, still found a way to win.

4) New England Patriots (1)

I have no concerns about the Pats offense. I have a ton of concern in their defense though. You can't win every game 38-34. When the weather gets bad they will need the defense to play a lot better than they've shown.

5) New Orleans Saints (10)

The Saints are starting to get that look again of an offensive machine. Still would like to see them run the ball better and fix the defense.

6) Baltimore Ravens (13)

Tough team to figure out. Looked so good weeks 1 and 3 and then week 2 looked awful. I tend to think the week 1 and 3 version is the real version. We shall see.

7) San Diego Chargers (9)

Chargers have avoided their annual slow start but would still like to see them play better. Should have blown out KC at home. Injuries seem to be mounting up already as well.

8) Houston Texans (3)

The door is wide open for Houston to finally make the playoffs, hopefully this past week was just a bump in the road. Offense could be scary good when Arian Foster returns.

9) Oakland Raiders (15)

Plays great defense and what a running game. Would like to see more passing success, but keep doing what you're doing. Will be there with San Diego at the very end to challenge in the West.

10) New York Jets (6)

Something just seems to be missing from this team. They are pretty good on defense, but Sanchez is still making "Bad Favre" decisions and the run game isn't there yet. Also seem to be lacking a little in team chemistry. Need to start playing a lot better if they want to make another AFC Championship Game.

11) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17)

Finally the Bucs are looking like that team that opened so many eyes in 2010. No reason to think this team won't compete in the NFC South.

12) Pittsburgh Steelers (11)

Struggled against an Indy team that is just plain bad. This team is looking and playing old. Lucky for them the AFC North has one good team, Baltimore, so should be in the hunt for a wild card.

13) Dallas Cowboys (9)

What an ugly two wins. But hey wins are wins. I can tell I'm going to get annoyed with the Tony Romo playing through the pain references.

14) Washington Redskins (7)

Tough loss to the 'Boys in week 3. They run the ball well and are playing well on defense. Plus Rex is making the right calls so far. Definite surprise team that could hang around this season.

15) Tennessee Titans (22)

Matt Hasselbeck is playing out of his mind so far. It would be nice if Chris Johnson would do something after he got a new contract. Loss of Kenny Britt is gonna be huge.

16) New York Giants (18)

Yes they beat Philadelphia and Eli looked good for once. Was that a mirage or are they more like the team we saw the first two weeks?

17) Philadelphia Eagles (8)

Dream Team? More like nightmare. So much talent but not much chemistry. Andy Reid will have to work some magic.

18) Chicago Bears (14)

Such a frustrating team. Looked great week one and now all the problems of the past are coming back. Need to start using Forte and get back to playing Bears football.

19) Atlanta Falcons (12)

Really need to start winning on the road if they want to be legit.

20) San Francisco 49ers (20)

Definitely winning ugly. Could easily be 3-0 or 0-3. Tough team to figure out. Love Jim Harbaugh as a coach.

21) Cleveland Browns (26)

Browns are 2-1. Lots of people picked them to only win maybe three games this season. Team is playing hard. Can they keep it up?

22) Cincinnati Bengals (16)

Another team that could be undefeated. Problems with teams like the Bengals is when the game gets close they find a way to lose and that is as much mental as it on the field.

23) Carolina Panthers (24)

League seems to be starting to figure out Cam Newton, but they are still in most game so far. Could use some help from the running backs to take some of the pressure off Newton.

24) Jacksonville Jaguars (28)

Blaine Gabbert era got off to kind of a shaky start. Where will they go from here?

25) Seattle Seahawks (30)

Not a lot of talent here, but because of their division and the fact they play well at home will give them a chance to stick around.

26) Arizona Cardinals (25)

Really need Beanie Wells back to make the team balanced on offense. Missed out on a golden opportunity in Seattle in week 3.

27) Miami Dolphins (21)

Tony Spirano is definitely on the hot seat in Miami. Will his team step up their play and have his back?

28) Denver Broncos (23)

Not much offense in Denver which is strange. Orton needs to make better decisions.

29) Indianapolis Colts (31)

Actually showed some heart in a close loss to the Steelers. But man is their quarterback play bad,

30) St. Louis Rams (27)

Sure doesn't look like a team that was one win from a playoff berth last season.

31) Kansas City Chiefs (32)

Too many injuries to have a chance this season. They did put up a good fight in San Diego.

32) Minnesota Vikings (29)

Need to learn how to hold on and win a game. Here's a suggestion. Give the ball to AP!!!