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Except For Offense, Defense, Special Teams, And Coaching, The Bears Looked Pretty Good

Calling out all members of the Bears after another flat game on Sunday.

Another Sunday and another frustrating loss for Bears Nation. The team looked flat and unmotivated against their biggest rivals, the Green Bay Packers. The team that ended your season at home and your chance to go to the Super Bowl last year and this is the effort you put forth? Before you grabbed your sausages off the grill the Packers were up 14-0.  The Bears may have closed it to within seven at halftime, but it never really felt like they were going to come back.

Don't get me wrong the better team did win on Sunday, but this was disappointing to say the least. Ryan Grant ran against the Bears like Barry Sanders as he seemed to get close to nine yards on every carry. Ryan Grant? The Packers were on the verge of cutting Grant until he agreed to a pay cut this season. Also would someone maybe think of guarding Jermichael Finley

Then there is the offense. All we ever hear about is how bad the offensive line is, but they actually played ok on Sunday. The problem was they once again refused to run the ball, and their below average set of receivers couldn't get open all day and when they would get open they all had bad drops. Yes I'm talking to you Johnny Knox, Roy Williams, and Kellen Davis.

You know things aren't going well when you score on one of the sweetest punt returns of all time and a phantom holding call brings it back. That really didn't effect the game though because it was over well before that.

Before the season, members of the media mentioned that the Bears defense was getting old and after a nice week one victory they shrugged that off and had a nice laugh. Well guess what, you're playing like a bunch of old men now and you better turn things around.

I'm sure everyone will blame Lovie for something and yes he is the head coach, but he wasn't to blame. It's funny how much blame Lovie takes when in all reality he is the best coach in Bears history not named Halas. Yes even better than Ditka. Yep I said it.  The fact that the Bears only won one Super Bowl with that team still amazes me, but that is the past.

All 53 men on the Bears roster need to take a look in the mirror and turn things around now. After three weeks you're already two games out of first behind two teams. Before the season I picked the Bears to go 6-10 and was just slammed. Keep playing like you have the past two weeks and you'll be lucky to win six games.