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NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 3 is full of tough games to pick.

Ok folks we are about to start week 3 of the NFL season. Last week I improved  from the first week with an 11-5 record and am now 21-11 on the season. Not bad but I expect better. I will say taking a quick look at this weeks games that this is the toughest week so far to pick. Ok here we go.


Tennessee 21  Denver 17

Tough game to pick. Neither team impresses me at all, but I'm gonna go with the home team in this one. Still not sure how they beat Baltimore last week.


Detroit 28  Minnesota 17

Man the Lions sure look good and boy do the Vikings look bad. The Metrodome only seems like a house of horrors for Vikings fans. Thats right the Detroit Lions will be 3-0.


New Orleans 28  Houston 24

This game should be quite entertaining. Both score a lot and will come down to defense.  Since the game is in New Orleans I'll take the Saints in a close one but wouldn't be shocked if the Texans won.


Carolina 24  Jacksonville 14

I thought Carolina was a running team? The easily could be 2-0 and Cam Newton is sure explosive. Could be a rough debut for Blaine Gabbert who is scheduled to start for the Jags.


Miami 20  Cleveland 17

This could be another snoozer but Miami has some better weapons on offense so I'll take the Fins.


New England 35  Buffalo 24

This could be an interesting game. The Patriots always seem to lose one road division game so this could be it. Definitely can't look past Buffalo.  This game has all the makings of an offensive explosion.


Philadelphia 28  NY Giants 17

I expect Vick to play but even if he doesn't I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles still won. Giants haven't looked good at all this season. Philly should win this.


San Francisco 21  Cincinnati 17

This is a real tough one to pick. Bengals have played ok with Andy Dalton, but I like the Niners weapons more. I'm gonna take San Fran on the road in a very close one. This is a real coin flip game.


Arizona 21 Seattle 20

This one is another crap fest. It's not easy to win in Seattle but I like Kolb, Wells, and Fitzgerald over Jackson, Lynch, and Williams. Take the Cardinals in a close one.


Atlanta 20  Tampa Bay 17

Still tough to figure both of these teams out. I think the Falcons are a little better so I'll take them in a close one.


Baltimore 21 St Louis 14

The Ravens looked awesome week 1 and dreadful week 2. Hopefully last week was a wake up call for this veteran club and I see them getting past the Rams.


Green Bay 31  Chicago 21

First installment of one of the best rivalries in sports. I expect the Packers D to actually show up and with the Bears bad offensive line down to more guys I hope Jay Cutler has good health Insurance. Take the Pack.


San Diego 41  Kansas City 10

The Chiefs look terrible and now with Jamaal Charles gone it won't get any better. I like the Chargers as my lock of the week.


NY Jets 21  Oakland 17

This won't be easy for the Jets. Anytime a team has to travel across the country they tend to struggle. I think the Jets are more talented and will win a close one late.


Pittsburgh 31  Indianapolis 10

I sure bet NBC wishes they could Flex out of this game like they can later in the season. The streak of great Sunday Night games ends at two. Steelers will win big.


Dallas 21  Washington 20

I don't think either of these teams are good so I'll go with the home squad. Should be a close one.