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NFL Power Poll: Week 3

Lots of changes in the latest installment of the Power Poll.

Here is the latest and greatest version of the NFL power poll. Lots of movement between the first two weeks of the season as teams that looked great in week one looked terrible in week two and vice versa. So here it is.


(Number in parenthesis is previous weeks ranking)


1) New England Patriots (7)

Congratulations to Tom Brady on another MVP award. Yes that's right he has it won after two weeks. Wow is this offense explosive. Defense played a little better in week 2. Team to beat so far.

2) Detroit Lions (6)

For once a team that is normally bad but predicted be good is actually playing well. Offense has been great, defense has been great. Look out everyone, hell hasn't frozen over, the Lions are good.

3) Houston Texans (5)

Houston always seems to be that team each year people expect to be good and then they choke. This team so far looks like a good team and should coast in to the playoffs because of their week division.

4) Buffalo Bills (7)

Sure their competition hasn't been great, but they won which is all that matters. Great comeback against the Raiders last week.

5) Green Bay Packers (8)

Offense has looked great, but they still need to work on their defense. Watching them seems like some of the fire and intensity is gone, which is common after a team wins it all.

6) New York Jets (11)

Smoked Jacksonville last week which they should have. Still not sure if Sanchez is good enough to win it all, but their defense is.

7) Washington Redskins (10)

2-0 with Rex Grossman at the helm. If he turns to bad Rex this team could fall faster than the economy.

8) Philadelphia Eagles (2)

Vick is already banged up and the "dream team" is giving up too many points on defense. It helps that the NFC East seems very average this season.

9) San Diego Chargers (9)

Hung in there with the Patriots. Love Rivers as QB and Jackson at WR. Defense is pretty good also.

10) New Orleans Saints (15)

Defense looked a lot better in week 2, and offense continued to be great.

11) Pittsburgh Steelers (30)

Even in a shutout this team doesn't look as good as I thought they'd be. They seem to look old and are playing like it too.

12) Atlanta Falcons (20)

What a turn around from week 1. Offense played a lot better but defense still needs a lot of work.

13) Baltimore Ravens (1)

What a drop off. Looked so great in week 1 and then got spanked by the Titans? Not sure which team is real.

14) Chicago Bears (3)

New season. Same Problem. Can't protect Cutler.

15) Oakland Raiders (13)

So close to starting the season with two road wins. How will they rebound after losing a big lead to Buffalo?

16) Cincinnati Bengals (16)

This team looks a lot better than I thought they would be.  Dalton and Green look like veterans.

17) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14)

Team still looks disappointing. Maybe the comeback against the Vikings is the wake up call they need.

18) New York Giants (21)

Giants still have so many weaknesses. Rams seemed to give them the game on Monday Night.

19) Dallas Cowboys (22)

America's team will not make the playoffs......again.

20) San Francisco 49ers (12)

So close to being 2-0. Love Jim Harbaugh as coach. Should be in every game.

21) Miami Dolphins (19)

Looks like it's gonna be a long year on South Beach, but at least the weather will be nice.

22) Tennessee Titans (26)

Chris Johnson is running the ball like Jimmy Johnson. How did they beat Baltimore?

23) Denver Broncos (27)

Any team that has a fan base wanting Tim Tebow to come in the game is not a good team.

24) Carolina Panthers (23)

Great effort against the Pack. Cam Newton is sure fun to watch.

25) Arizona Cardinals (18)

Beanie Wells is finally running the ball well and Larry Fitzgerald is still the man. Still need some defense.

26) Cleveland Browns (29)

Won one of two winnable games. Gonna be a long year.

27) St. Louis Rams (28)

Too many turnovers and injuries are piling up. Only hope is the fact they are in a terrible division.

28) Jacksonville Jaguars (17)

Second best team in their division. Yes their division is that bad,

29) Minnesota Vikings (25)

McNabb is gonna get benched again. Not  if but when.

30) Seattle Seahawks (24)

This team made the playoffs last year?

31) Indianapolis Colts (32)

I knew Peyton Manning  was important, but this much? Time for Indy to start getting ready for Butler hoops.

32) Kansas City Chiefs (31)

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, they lose their best defender week 1 and now they've lost their best offensive player.