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Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 2 Picks

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Ok we are back with my second set of NFL picks for the 2011 season. For those of you that kept track of my picks last week, I was 10-6. Some of the losses most people probably got wrong like Kansas City and Denver losing at home. I also lost some close "coin flip" games of pretty evenly matched teams like Tampa Bay, Cleveland, and New York Giants all losing.

This week I hope to improve on those numbers. Keep the comments coming. I love to see other peoples opinions and read every one of them. Ok here we go.


Washington Redskins 21  Arizona Cardinals 13

'Skins won a big game at home last week. This week they play a lesser opponent and I see them coming through once again. (My apologies to Rex Grossman for ripping him last week.)


Baltimore Ravens 28  Tennessee Titans 3

Ravens looked awesome against the Steelers while the Titans looked like a long season could be on the horizon. Expect Ray Lewis and the D to have a big game.


Chicago Bears 21  New Orleans Saints 20

This is my upset pick of the week. I expect Brian Urlacher to play and with the loss of his mother to play out of his mind. Saints are banged up at receiver.


Indianapolis Colts 17  Cleveland Browns 13

This is the snoozer game of the week. Browns couldn't beat the Bengals at home, and the Colts didn't show up in Houston. Someone has to win so I'll take the home team.


Green Bay Packers 31  Carolina Panthers 17

Cam Newton looked like the real deal last week, but this should be his welcome to the NFL moment against a much better team. Also don't see the Panthers D stopping Rodgers and the Pack.


New York Jets 28  Jacksonville Jaguars 13

Jets struggled most of the game against Dallas and still one. Jags struggled against the woeful Titans. Jets should win big.


Detroit Lions 30  Kansas City Chiefs 14

Lions won a tough game against the Bucs while Kansas City looked awful against the Bills.  Lions look like the real deal and expect them to be roll in their home opener.


Buffalo Bills 20  Oakland Raiders 14

Buffalo looked great opening day. Oakland had a nice win themselves, but I'll take Buffalo since Oakland has a long flight and a short week. That's right Bills 2-0 after this week.


Pittsburgh Steelers 28  Seattle Seahawks 10

The Steelers can't be that bad, can they? We know the Seahawks are though. I like Pittsburgh at home.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21  Minnesota Vikings 13

Bucs should rebound from a close loss. Vikings might want to get Christian Ponder ready.


Denver Broncos 31  Cincinnati Bengals 17

The Bengals can't go 2-0 on the road to start the season. Can they?


San Francisco 49ers 21  Dallas Cowboys 17

This would have been a sexy matchup 15 years ago. Now it's just an average game. I'll take the niners in a close one.


Houston Texans 28  Miami Dolphins 20

Texans looked great week 1 and the Dolphins D didn't. Plus Arian Foster might be back which will only improve things.


New England Patriots 31  San Diego Chargers 21

One of the better games this week. I don't see Brady going for over 500 again but maybe a modest 365. Love the Pats at home.


Philadelphia Eagles 27  Atlanta Falcons 17

Michael Vick didn't have great numbers and they still routed the Rams. He should be fired up against his former team and with that lead the Eagles to victory.


NY Giants 21  St Louis Rams 17

Giants looked bad and the Rams are banged up. I'll take the Giants at home.