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Podcast: Waxing On The Josh Groban Bet And Getting Poetic Over The Bears Vs. Falcons

Z.W. Martin and Ricky O'Donnell roll out a podcast with the fury of Mike Ditka and charm of Bill Clinton. Today they discuss THE Josh Groban bet and all things Bears football. Get some.

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It's a podcast! It's a podcast! Starring ME -- Z.W. Martin -- and TUP legend and SBN Chicago blogger, Ricky O'Donnell.

Today we get into all the details of the dumb Notre Dame vs. Michigan bet I made with fellow TUP and SBN Chicago-er, Bobby "Lush" Loesch. If you don't recall, the Wolverines won that game in a pretty historic fashion, so now I have to sing "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban at a karaoke bar and post it to YouTube. Awesome. That is Part One.

Part Two is all Bears talk, all the time. So if you're more into that, go down to the second one. We had a bit of technical difficulties last night, so the the end is abrupt, but, whatever, it's free and it's our first time in awhile, so deal with it.

Quick thank you to our friend Bobby "Lush" for not suing us for using the collage of pictures we ripped from his Facebook account in Part One. You're really adorable, Bobby. Smile Like You Mean It.



Part One... T.U.P.-Cast: The Bet - Singing Josh Groban


Part Two... T.U.P.-Cast: Talking Bears - Week One, Falcons

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