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Chester Taylor Not Cut By The Bears ... Yet

It was reported earlier Monday that the Chicago Bears had released Chester Taylor along with Vernon Gholston and a few lesser known training camp invites. In a surprise turn of events, however, Taylor has apparently not been cut -- not yet, anyway.

Ken Sarnoff, Taylor's agent, chronicled the account quite well with a pair of Tweets on Twitter.

Lovie Smith told Chester Taylor this morning that he Is being released. Chester thanks the Bears and their fans and wishes them well.

An hour later, however, Sarnoff issued an update on the longtime NFC North running back.

Here's a first for me - the Bears just called me and said they have NOT released Chester. He did talk with Lovie though...misunderstanding?

The official release on the Bears website corroborates Sarnoff's account of the situation, but it's still quite interesting that he talked to head coach Lovie Smith on Monday morning and didn't understand what was going on with his job status. More than likely, a trade is in the works -- but at this point, it's pretty difficult to get a read on the situation.