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2011 Fantasy Football Rankings: Wide Receivers

The wide receiver position is very deep once again. It was very difficult to put a list of the top 25 together without leaving a few quality guys off of the list. Just remember because of the depth to make sure you have a quality quarterback and two quality running backs before you feel the need to start going for receivers. Here are my top 25 wide receivers for this season.

1) Andre Johnson- Houston Texans
Still the best there is. Johnson’s presence alone is probably the reason Arian Foster had such a great 2010 season. Only concern with Johnson is he seems to miss a game or two each season.

2) Calvin Johnson- Detroit Lions
Very similar to Andre Johnson. Huge target who has the potential for a big game every week.

3) Greg Jennings- Green Bay Packers
When the best quarterback in football is throwing to you, you should be able to explode fantasy wise. Expect Jennings to do so.

4) Roddy White- Atlanta Falcons
Popular target of Matt Ryan. Number one option on a good team usually leads to success.

5) Vincent Jackson- San Diego Chargers
My pick for a breakout season. Love Rivers as a QB. Contract issues are over. Jackson should have a great season.

6) Reggie Wayne- Indianapolis Colts
Only concern is what the deal is with Manning. If Manning plays like he normally does, Wayne will benefit.

7) Mike Wallace- Pittsburgh Steelers
Big Ben loves to throw deep to Wallace and it seems like it works at least once a game.

8) Larry Fitzgerald- Arizona Cardinals
Really hasn’t been the same since Warner left. Will Kolb improve Fitz’s numbers?

9) Hakeem Nicks- New York Giants
Keeps getting better each year. No reason that shouldn’t continue.

10) Miles Austin- Dallas Cowboys
With Romo back Austin should be in line for another big season.

11) DeSean Jackson- Philadelphia Eagles
Very similar to Mike Wallace. Seems to have one big play every game.

12) Dwayne Bowe- Kansas City Chiefs
Had a breakout season in 2010. Expect the same this season.

13) Santonio Holmes- New York Jets
Just signed a huge contract. Will his production match the paycheck?

14) Mike Williams- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Very underrated WR. Key member of an up and coming exciting young team.

15) Dez Bryant- Dallas Cowboys
Before getting injured last year showed great potential. Has Randy Moss like body and potential.

16) Marques Colston- New Orleans Saints
Saints receivers are frustrating from a fantasy standpoint. With such an explosive offense, Brees distributes the ball to so many guys it seems like a different receiver each week has big numbers.

17) Steve Johnson- Buffalo Bills.
Johnson quietly had a nice season in 2010. Could receive a lot of garbage points since the Bills will probably struggle in 2011.

18) Anquan Boldin- Baltimore Ravens
Still capable of big numbers. Consistancy is always an issue with Boldin. Could be worth 20 one week and two the next.

19) Kenny Britt- Tennessee Titans
If he was on another team would be ranked much higher. Could benefit from playing behind most of the season as the Titans are expected to.

20) Brandon Lloyd- Denver Broncos
Not many people know that Lloyd led the league in receiving last year. Doubt he will do that again but should have a nice year. Don’t take too high though.

21) Wes Welker- New England Patriots
If your league gives points for receptions, that only will increase Welker’s value. Brady loves him and he seems to get 8-10 catches a game.

22) Mario Manningham- New York Giants
With Steve Smith off the team, Manningham’s numbers should only get better.

23) Percy Harvin- Minnesota Vikings
Such potential if it wasn’t for the injuries and migraines.

24) Sidney Rice- Seattle Seahawks
Hard to predict being on a new team. I see potential.

25) Jeremy Maclin- Philadelphia Eagles
Would be much higher if he didn’t have the health issues. Will probably slip in most leagues but worth a risk.