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"Ask SBN Chicago" Question of the Week: The Lions Have Better Super Bowl Odds Than The Bears ... What?!

The staff of SBN Chicago weighs in on the question of the week.

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Pointed out on Thursday's B.S. Report, the Detroit Lions officially have better odds of winning the Super Bowl than the Chicago Bears. Of those two teams, who do you think has a better shot and why?


Dennis Tarwood (@tuffyr): Depends. Who's Matt Stafford dating?


Michael David Smith (@MichaelDavSmith): I'd bet on the Bears over the Lions any day of the week. Yes, the Lions have some good young players and ended the season on a four-game winning streak ... but before that four-game winning streak they were 2-10. The Bears were one game away from the Super Bowl last season. I think the gap between the Bears and Lions in the NFC North is narrowing, but there's no way I'd put the Lions above the Bears right now.


Tim Sieck (@TimSieck): I actually wouldn't be surprised to see Detroit do well this season. They ended 2010 as one of the hottest teams in football and with guys like Calvin Johnson and Ndamukong Suh they aren't really a joke anymore. I don't know if they are a playoff team just yet but they are finally headed in the right direction. The Bears on the other hand seem like they are just getting older, and their window may have closed last year. Prediction Lions 8-8, Bears 6-10.


Z.W. Martin (@ZWMartin): Both teams have zero shot. Zero. So, that debate is "whatever."

However, the Lions are starting to become cool(-er than the Bears), which is odd. Now, THAT really bothers me.


Bobby Loesch (@BobbyStompy): My first thought was maybe Vegas is trying to pull one over on the public. I then realized that's 5000% wrong because the Detroit Lions are not a public team. Normal people would never bet that team in droves. They are the Detroit Lions. So my next guess is it's probably a move aimed at curbing some of the professional gamblers from betting on Lions. I'd imagine action is somewhat heavy on them lately. People must be excited about the revamped defensive line and all the young blood. Still, it's staggering to think that they have better odds than our Bears -- a team that made the Final Four of the NFL last year. Though I still barely believe they even made it. Seriously, how did that happen?

While I tend to shy away from predictions, I'd probably still roll with the Bears. Just *making* the playoffs would be such a huge victory for the Lions, and while they may be more talented than the Bears -- in many ways -- I'll still take Cutler over Stafford, and as lame-duck of a debate as that is, it's ultimately the most important edge the Bears have in this argument. While the Lions are set up better for the long term future, I still think the Bears are the pick in 2011. That said, let's see how much more they can ruin the team in free agency.