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Dwyane Wade Wants Bears To Sign Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress is finally a free man after serving more than 20 months in an Upstate New York correctional facility for, well, shooting himself in the leg at a Manhattan night club during the 2008 season.

But all that is behind Burress now, and his next order of business is playing football. He may be 33, and more than two years removed from his last meaningful NFL game, but he's still 6-5, a huge downfield target, and an attractive option for several wideout-needy teams.

The only problem is that we're currently in the middle of a lockout. Once the owners and players resolve the labor dispute, the 2011 season will be on, and shortly thereafter, Burress will likely have gainful employment.

Potential suitors include the Eagles and the Jets, two teams in need of big-play pass catchers. And depending on which list you consult, the Vikings, the Rams and the Raiders could be other possible destinations.

One name I haven't seen mentioned: the Bears, even though they don't have a real No. 1 receiver. In 2010, Johnny Knox led the team with 960 receiving yards, followed by Earl Bennett (561 yards), running back Matt Forte (547), Devin Hester (475), and tight end Greg Olsen (404).

Plax seems like a good fit on paper, and Heat guard and Chicago native Dwyane Wade wants to see Burress playing for the Bears.

"1st I'm happy for Plaxico Burress that he can b reunite with his love 1s that I'm sure he missed more than football .. but as a Bears fan i would love to c him in a Bears uniform," Wade tweeted Monday.

Turns out, the Bears front office doesn't share Wade's enthusiasm. Details via the Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs:

There are questions whether Burress can fit in Mike Martz’s offensive scheme. Martz prefers smaller, speedier guys. Burress is a possession receiver who relies on his size and reach. He could run slants, quick hitches and fade routes on the sideline, but he’d be limited.

But the biggest issue with Burress is he hasn’t played in an NFL game since Nov. 16, 2008. There is no way he’s anywhere near football shape today and with no offseason program, no OTA’s and maybe not much of a training camp to look forward to, he’s going to be in a difficult position. One pulled hamstring could do in his 2011 season.

If Chicago, a team with clear needs at wide receiver, isn't in the market for Burress, it makes you wonder why other clubs seem so intent on signing him.