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Former Bears RB Garrett Wolfe Has Felony Charges Dropped

Finally, some good news for former Bears running back Garrett Wolfe. He was arrested May 22 in Miami Beach, Florida, on charges of retail theft, disorderly conduct, assault of a police officer and resisting an officer with violence -- all stemming from Wolfe's refusal to pay a $1,600 bar tab (apparently, it's going around).

Wolfe was originally facing felony charges, which eventually were not filed in the case, according to a representative from the Miami-Dade circuit clerk’s office.

Details via the Chicago Tribune:

[Wolfe’s defense attorney, Christopher] Lyons explained that the state’s attorney’s office announced a "no action" in the case Tuesday, essentially dropping the felony charges. There was no action taken against original felony charges of grand theft and resisting an officer with violence and a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

The resisting an officer with violence charge was amended to a one-count misdemeanor resisting an officer with violence.

Lyons, speaking on behalf of Wolfe, called it a "major victory," and expects the remaining misdemeanor charge to be resolved in the next 30-60 days.

There's still the issue of Wolfe catching on with an NFL team, but at least he can now focus on his professional life without looming concerns over possible jail time.