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LB Dhani Jones Ranks Himself Higher Than Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher

It's June, which means that even during a normal NFL offseason, there's not much going on. It's typically the time coaches take vacations, and players head home for a few weeks before the training camp grind begins.

It's also an opportunity for some players to make guest appearances on NFL Network's Total Access. Earlier this week, LaMarr Woodley showed up, as did teammate Hines Ward, and both listed the top-10 players at their respective positions. On Tuesday, it was Dhani Jones' turn. When they got to the part in the show where Jones rattled off his list of the NFL's best linebackers he naturally included himself.

A bit much, for sure, since Jones probably isn't one of the 10 best linebackers in the AFC North, but this isn't a Hall of Fame vote, it's a guy on a show reading from a sheet of paper. Still, we're guessing that won't make Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher feel any better.

Details via Shutdown Corner's Doug Farrar:

…Not only did Jones put himself (#7) above Lance Briggs (#8), he omitted Brian Urlacher from the list entirely. When Jamie Dukes asked Jones why, the bowtied 'backer got a bit catty: "When was the last time Brian Urlacher got off a block?"

Farrar adds that "Jones has had three straight 100-tackle seasons for the Bengals, but I'd suspect that his is the only Top 10 linebacker list on which he'd find himself." On this we can all agree.