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Bears Teammates Say Jay Cutler Looks 'Fantastic,' 'Healthy'

Some good news for Jay Cutler fans, and further proof that the Bears quarterback was legitimately injured during last January's NFC Championship game. According to running back Kahlil Bell, who has seen Cutler with his own eyes at recent informal player workouts, the Chicago QB "looks fantastic."

"The last couple of times I went, we did throwing stuff and I couldn't even tell he had an injury," Bell added, according to the Chicago Tribune. "A lot of people made a lot about what happened, but I think he's going to be all right. I know he's going to be all right."

Wide receiver Rashied Davis has worked out with Cutler, too. "Jay looks healthy. Both he and Caleb (Hanie) look great. And everybody's healthy.''

The Bears were one game away from the Super Bowl with Cutler, who will presumably improve after another season in Mike Martz's offense, and with the addition of first-round pick, tackle Gabe Carimi. The offensive line, one of the most inconsistent units in the league last year, didn't do Cutler any favors.

But Cutler's rehab appears to be going well, which makes it a lot easier for teammates Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs to call the Bears a championship-caliber club. And while Hanie did a swell job in relief of Cutler during the playoffs, he's not a long-term solution. Plus, Rep. Paul Ryan didn't make his name in comedy by doing bits on Bears backup QBs. He needs Cutler.