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Bears LB Lance Briggs Calls 2011 Team 'Championship-Like'

Like everybody else in the NFL, Bears linebacker Lance Briggs currently doesn't have a day job. He's preparing as if there will be a 2011 season (and recent indications are that the lockout could end by the end of the month), but he also has more time now than he might during a typical offseason. Which probably made it easier to put on his third-annual Norcal All-Star Football Camp in his hometown of Sacramento, California, last weekend.

Briggs spoke to the Chicago Tribune about the camp, as well as his thoughts on the 2011 Bears.

Here's the two-word Cliffs Notes if you're too lazy to watch the video: "Championship-like."


Briggs isn't the first member of the organization to voice lofty expectations. Brian Urlacher and Lovie Smith feel similarly.

Briggs also said that "It's nice (to see some of the offensive things come together). That's a reward for the defense, especially when you're working hard to stop the opponent, you get an offense that puts points on the board. You know, that's really a reward."

Clearly, Briggs and Paul Ryan have different takes on the state of the Bears' offense. Not to worry, though; Joe Theismann has Jay Cutler's back.