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Mike Ditka's Son Arrested For DUI

Can you really be arrested for DUI just because your name is Mike Ditka? That's what Michael P. Ditka, son of Da Coach Mike Ditka says happened to him the other evening. He claims he was targeted because of his "famous name." Forget the fact that Deerfield police observed a black Hummer in an apartment complex parking lot sitting with its lights on. Forget the fact that they saw this vehicle being driven from one parking lot to another apartment complex parking lot where the headlights were turned off. To the officer, it must have looked suspicious, so he approached the Hummer to find Ditka in the driver's seat. Ditka claims he was just sitting in the vehicle, not driving. Forget the fact that the officer found him in the driver's seat. Forget the fact that the officer claims there was a "strong" smell of alcohol surrounding Ditka. Forget the fact that Ditka had bloodshot eyes,slurred speech and reportedly had difficulty with a field sobriety test. Forget that a passenger in the car told police that Ditka had been driving the car when it was moved to the second parking lot. Oh, and forget the fact that his blood alcohol level was a whopping 0.189.

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Ditka is denying the allegations. According to a Trib Local article, Ditka was taken to the Deerfield police station where he refused to take another breath test. He was released on $100 cash bond.

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It's very clear that the officer knew it was Ditka in the Hummer before approaching the vehicle and had decided he was going to charge Ditka with DUI. Sure. The cops are out to get you Mr. Ditka. You'd better watch out. Next time they may stop you and arrest you for something more serious, only because of your "famous" name.