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NFL Draft 2011: Ravens May Seek Compensation From Bears For Failed Trade

Via our SB Nation draft site, Mocking The Draft, they link to this Peter King story in which he states that the Baltimore Ravens may seek compensation from the Bears for Jerry Angelo’s trade snafu of last night, which has (apparently) cost the Ravens a fourth-round pick:

Under NFL rules, each team has to report the trade to NFL draft headquarters at Radio City Music Hall. The Ravens called it in. They assumed Chicago called it in, but due to a miscommunication in the Bears’ draft room, no one from Chicago ever called the league.

For the first round, it didn’t matter, as both teams got the player they wanted (Gabe Carimi to the Bears, Jimmy Smith to the Ravens). But the Ravens thought they had a deal, and Jerry Angelo admits it was his fault:

“Whatever you hear, Baltimore did everything the right way,” Bears GM Jerry Angelo told Chicago media. “There were a lot of things happening in the draft room. We were getting a lot of calls, we just … dropped the ball. I dropped the ball. I can’t say anything more than that.”

All’s well that ends well, you say? Not so fast. Angelo called Baltimore owner Steve Bisciotti to apologize, but Bisciotti wanted the fourth-round pick anyway, claiming it was part of the deal they’d agreed to. In fact, I’m told Bisciotti today will push to get the fourth-round pick, or to make the situation right in some way.

King says he thinks the league will be asked to do something before the draft resumes at 5 p.m. CDT today. We’ll see. It’s amazing that the Bears couldn’t have done a simple thing like make a phone call.